63 bug/daily driver


63 bug

ive had this bug for about 13 yrs. i am 2nd to actually drive it but 4th owner. i have paperwork from the 60s 70s showing maintance from original owner. i was told from my seller he never did anything with it and bought it in the 80s, and his previous owner never did anything either. so now im 2nd or 4th.

i drove it in its prior rusty condition for years, and finally restored in 2018.

1500 single port, converted 12 volts.

had 6 volts but needed a better radio and wipers in the snow.

drove for about 2 yrs on 6, not bad but snow dictated the change really. kept the 6 volt wiper motor for extra power. starter was 6 but since metalwork and trans grind i added a 12 starter.

welding fixes

added new floors, grafted new channels with rear wheel areas, new bumper mount areas, new front firewall, new patches here and there and more.

original paint mostly with original parts mostly. 



86 syncro doka

ive had this truck for 10 yrs. major work was needed at first and now the past 8 yrs after i drive it daily. 

major bodywork -sandblasted underside, metal panels in engine area, rear corner area, front nose area and patches in different areas. all primed painted sealed and ready for another 30 yrs.  ive towed busses bugs, hauled lots of tonnage too

rear diff lock with decoupler

i have a aggressive stock vc with a decoupler, stock rear diff lock too.

stock 2.1 engine

4th door added

slide side and rear windows

custom windows made by me. 

my daily driver


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